8 Pieces of Brocade

There are many variations of eight pieces of brocade. This is the one I learned and use in my school.

 0. Hugging the tree

Standing with feet apart , knees slightly bent, arms at chest level and oval in pattern, palms face inward. Follow Tai Chi principles in the classics. This is a static posture. The form will return to this posture between each movement.



1. Two hands lifting the sky

  From "Hugging the tree" raise hands above your head palms facing the sky. Do not lock elbows. Both arms then slowly lower to your sides palms facing down. return to "Hugging the tree" and repeat 8 times.



2. Pull the bow left and right to shoot the hawk
Push left palm away from body at chest level, left side. Right hand curled to hook string. Use waist to separate hands. Left hand palm open, index finger points straight. Turn left hand outward, step out left to horse stance and push out left hand with index finger pointed up, palm away from body. Right hand draws bow string, exhale. Crossing arms left over right, inhale. Left hand now pulls string with index and middle fingers. Step out right to horse stance and pull bow, exhale. Close again, inhale. Repeat 8 times each direction.



3. Separating heaven and earth
Stand straight feet slightly apart. Palms up to chest, left hand first push up to ceiling and right palm push down to feet. Hands back to chest then right palm to ceiling and left to feet. Repeat 8 times each side  



4. Embracing the moon

Stand feet shoulder width apart, palms facing out in front of solar plexus. Rotate to the left as far as comfortable and exhale. Look forward and inhale. Rotate to the right as far as comfortable and exhale. Repeat 8 times each side.


5. Closing embracing

Bring right palm over head palm face down. Left palm comes to waist palm up. Keep arms rounded. Lean to left. Come back to vertical and reverse bringing left palm over head face down. Right palm to waist palm up. Lean to right. Repeat 8 times each side.


 6. Monkey form

 From "Hugging the tree" raise hands above your head palms facing the sky. Do not lock elbows. Lean back as far as comfortable. Lean forward and touch your toes. Bend knees and squat as low as comfortable. Return to "Hugging the tree" and repeat 8 times.



7. tiger pushes the mountain

 From "Hugging the tree" sit back on left foot in "cat stance". Lower palms to waist face up. Step out in "bow stance" at 45% angle to right side. push out palms from chest. Do not lock elbows. Sit back on left foot in "cat stance" and repeat 8 times. At the end of last push rotate to 45% angle to left side and repeat 8 times to that side.


   8. Hold the fists tight with an angry eye

Square Horse position with loose fists to sides. Extend right loose fist out to front at sternum level, left fist kept to side. The arm should be pulled towards a point in front of you like it was being sucked out by a vacuum cleaner. With right hand extended squeeze both fists tight and look with angry eyes. Exhale then relax and bring right fist back to side, inhale. Extend left loose fist out to front and squeeze both fists tight with angry eyes. Repeat 8 times each side.



9.Shaking the tree

In standing posture place the back of fist at lower back. With heels raised slightly shake vertically.




10. Hugging the tree

Return to "Hugging the tree" and hold 5 minutes.